Requests for Copies of Vital Records (birth, death, marriage):

Request certified copies of vital records by following the steps below.  The fee is $10 per certified copy.  Please make the check payable to Town of Coventry.  Mail your application & photocopy of ID, payment and return envelope to:

Coventry Town Clerk
PO Box 8
Coventry, VT 05825

You can also request a copy directly from the State of Vermont Department of Vital Records by clicking HERE to their website; then following instructions provided on their site.

1.  Application and ID are necessary to request a certified or noncertified copy of a birth or death record.  Click on the link below for the application.
2.  You must provide a photocopy of the ID(s) referenced on the application, and the ID(s) must match the applicant’s name and address.
3.  Availability of certified and noncertified copies is limited to certain people/organizations, based on relationship to person named on document.  See list of authorized individuals on application.

4.  Certified and non-certified copies of birth and death records are to be made by staff only.

Application form for birth & death records

Please Note:  Beginning July 1, 2019, you will be able to access copies of any Vermont birth or death record through any Town Clerk’s office.  The same rules for access apply as are listed above.

1.  Certified and noncertified copies of marriage licenses are to be made by staff only.  Click on the link below for the application. 
2.  You may request a certified or noncertified copy of a marriage license by submitting your request in writing to the address above.  Be sure to include all relevant information (names of the parties and date of the marriage).  Please include your daytime phone number in case we need to contact you with questions.

Application form for marriage records