Vermont residents must apply for a marriage license in the community where they live.  Out-of-state residents may apply at any Vermont Town Clerk’s office.  Click HERE for a writable PDF version of the application available on the Vermont Department of Health website.

The fee for a marriage license is $60, plus $10 for a certified copy of the solemnized and recorded license.  Licenses can be issued up to 60 days before the ceremony.  If you have been divorced, a copy of your most recent divorce decree must accompany your application.

Please allow at least 48 hours between when you submit your application and when you plan on picking up the license for your wedding.  Rush orders are possible, depending on staffing and other work priorities in the office.  When in doubt, please call us.

Click HERE for a list of Justices of the Peace who perform marriages.

Click HERE for the brochure “Getting Married in Vermont”

Click HERE for the “Marriage Checklist for Officiants”

Call the clerk’s office with any questions: (802) 754-2288.