By law, all dogs must be licensed with the Coventry Town Clerk’s Office each year by April 1st. Rabies certificates are required to license your pet.  If your pet has been spayed/neutered, we also need to see proof from your vet.  Please see below for fee schedule for dogs.  Licenses for each year are available after January 1st.

Fee Schedule:

Fees – January thru March 31st:

  • Dog Neutered/Spayed – $9 per animal
  • Dog not Neutered/Spayed – $13 per animal

Late Fees (after April 1st of each year)

  • Dog Neutered/Spayed – $11 per animal
  • Dog not Neutered/Spayed – $17 per animal

Licensing new dogs – You may stop by the clerk’s office or email us at with the following information to complete the license.  If we do not receive the information, we cannot complete the license process, and your license will be delayed:

  • Your name, address (mailing & physical) and phone number
  • Dog’s name
  • Dog’s age (years/months), color, breed(s), size (pounds)
  • Copy of current rabies certificate and proof of spay or neuter (if applicable).

Renewing your dog’s license – If you are unsure about whether your dog’s rabies certificate is still current, call the office at (802) 754-2288, and we’ll look it up for you.  If you have a new rabies certificate, scan and email it to us at, mail it to us at or drop off at the Town Clerk’s office.

Licenses and tags can be picked up in person, or will be mailed to you upon receipt of the correct fee, and confirmation of all required paperwork and information.  Payment methods accepted are checks, cash or click HERE to pay on-line.